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like a starfish...

bracelet trade!

6/4/08 07:00 pm - uuhlisssuh

Hi I'm  Alyssa and I'm from San Diego, CA.  I absolutely LOVE making bracelets!  And I love sending and receiving bracelets even more.  So needless to say I'm super excited about this.

3/25/06 01:04 am - muffinsare_good

I would love to receive a bracelet or anything from a different state/country. I love anime,culture,photography,history and reading ^.^. Please comment with your email address and I will email you. I would also like to send some bracaelets.

2/24/06 03:22 pm - blurrymirrors

hi im kim 28 from seattle..i really dig bracelets...would love to do a trade..check out my profile and add or comment to me..thanks!!!!

10/11/05 12:58 pm - docilesofa - thanks elenaaa.

elena! those braclets are darling!
i just got them today.
i especially love the one with the black cat.

thanks! <3

9/21/05 02:36 pm - calenderx

so docilesofa do you wanna trade with me?! thank you for the kind words. : )
you can email me at saintmousegirl@yahoo.com
ok, this is off to a slow start once again...
but anyways we can start now...with 3 members it will motivate others to join!

also im up for any other trades with anyone else too!
so please comment and make posts!

9/10/05 03:32 pm - calenderx - changed!

the community has changed! this is a bracelet trade off/swap community!
make other members cute bracelets and mail them to eachother!

SO, who wants to trade with me?! i make really cute bracelets! i can customize it for you!
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